Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds

I would love to start a discussion on dreams and Visions I've had many of them and I would love to share them with someone

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I would love to start a discussion with someone about dreams and Visions I've had many of them and I would love to share them thank you 

Hello Deborah.

I think the subject of dreams is fascinating, however it seems to me to be a huge subject. 

From what I've studied there appears to be a large amount of categories that I've experienced, and heard of.  A short list might include;

exploration of experiences, prophetic, learning, exploration, vacations, awareness, guidance, communications and such.  By no means is this a complete or even an organized list. I think it also involves deja'vu. Certainly there is a great deal to be learned in them.

I've found that the interpretation of dreams for me, require that I know the person.  I think that they do often involve outside spiritual communication.  Yet often they can be an expression of self. If I'm living in a way that is contrary to my value system then my dreams will let me know it.  (Even if I already know it consciously.)

I just wanted everybody to know that if all of you begin to share your dreams and visions in discussion here that I will make this a permanent part of the radio programs that I broadcast. And that I would be glad to share the dreams and visions that you are having with the rest of the listening audience. I would even be inclined to invite some of you to come on the show directly and to share with the listening audience the detail and context of those dreams and visions. So please do utilize this group as a platform for sharing and discussing those things. And then I will allow the group to decide which ones are important and relevant enough for me to highlight them in emphasis on the shows. God bless all of you in your seeking and in all that you do.

I would love to share what few dreams I have had.  Some say that we dream all the time.  If we do, I hardly ever remember having them much less the content.  But, when I do, they are always bad or foreboding.  I have started writing them down and will find them so I can share them here accurately.  I feel they all somehow connect to end of the age events.




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