Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds

If Eve sinned by having sex with Lucifer, how did Adam become involved in the sin?

I am rather new to this topic and have a lot of questions.  My first question is how did Adam sin if the original sin was an act of illicit union between Eve and Lucifer?

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I agree with most of your assessment and wanted to add this:

Cain as you state, I agree was not of Adam. Given he was a product of ignorance, ignorance being darkness, darkness being death; I theorize that what he brought to YHWH as an offering perhaps was somehow genetically modified and that is why it was rejected. Recall the curse to Adam that the soil would not yield without hardwork and toil. Cain wanted to make it easier.

In Torah it teaches about the difference between LIFE and DEATH. That LIFE is in the blood. The English word "sorceries" found in Revelation in the NT, is "pharmakia".

The Latin word "virus" means POISON.

Viruses injected into our bodies, affect the LIFE IN THE BLOOD; altering DNA, and DEATH enters in.

If there is one thing the enemy desires, it is to destroy LIFE.

we can reopen the thread, other questions.  I'll answer everyone in 2 days...


This part you referenced from the Kolbrin Bible:

"The Moonmother gave him two apples containing a vile substance which they had drawn through their
stalks; this Lewid gave to Maeva who then became helpless in his hands.
They met again after this, for Maeva became enamoured towards Lewid, but it happened that she became ill
with a strange sickness and was afraid. Then Dadam became ill and Lewid also, and Lewid said to the woman,
"You must obtain the pure essences from within the Sacred Enclosure, and Setina, the Moonmother, will prepare
an elixir which will cure us".

 in my research on the mandrakes, I also came across information stating that  mandrakes can make people sick.....that it is actually used as a purgative or a cathartic....in other words, it can make people vomit or have diarrhea.....Interesting that this 'getting sick' "with a strange sickness" is mentioned in the Kolbrin Bible. look forward to hearing your thoughts on this. 

Part of me also wonders if this might factor into the "elixir of life" that they have always been trying to find. I does seem as if Samael (Satan) was also promising Eve his version of "eternal life" when he beguiled her in the garden with whatever substance he offered her and Adam. I have to believe this is important for us today because this is what the Antichrist is going to promise to people.....immortality...how to live forever apart from God...it will be Satan's version of "immortality"....part of my research I did when I was briefly on the Endtimesmatrixnews  Youtube show was research into this very subject on the "elixir of life" and the immortality aspect of it.

I do wonder if we (humanity) are going to be to be offered some sort of immortality "elixir" in exchange for worshipping the Antichrist/Beast so we will never die.....of course we know it will actually damn our souls.....it kinda seems like a repeat of what Satan did in the garden, telling Eve she surely would not die...... and some people indeed will actually take it, thus damning their souls forever to the lake of fire.

Perhaps the mark and the pledge of allegience to the Beast is tied into this immortality potion?

Just adding a final bit of information on what I previously wrote about the Mandrake possibly being the "forbidden fruit" that Adam and Eve partook of:

A translation of the word "Drake" actually mean "dragon". So essentially the name for this plant/fruit means "man-dragon'.

Pretty revealing definition if you ask me! I don't think things are named as such by happenstance. I think God leaves clues for His own to find.

Heidi would you mind if I added this information to Lucifer - Father of Cain II which I will publish sometime maybe this year?  I would be glad to cite your work.

Sure. I am sending you a pm.

I can see this as being part of the deception as the elite are seeking longevity, immortality, and a return to their original bright nature, first estate without judgment, condemnation, or certain punishment for the actions, behaviors, deeds, they partook of while here in flesh being.  The lie has always been in connection to eternal being to be as the gods or like the Most High.  So yes I can see the connection.

Thank you for your response. I am glad to see you also see a connection there. I really don't know where I was going with my comment but it seems somehow pivotal that the experience in the garden, is going to be a repeat for humanity today....it's all about choice. Will we stay true to our Father or will we choose to succumb to Lucifer/Samael/Satan's enticement to "be as gods' today-rejecting the perfect knowledge, Truth and love that in found in Yahshua Hamashiah?

Father is testing our hearts to see what we will choose.

I too am new. Stayed up late reading this discussion. Very much liked it. Even have to confess that there may have been a few gems in the long-winded gentleman's responses. As a 'hybread' Jew who believes in my messiah, and whose father was a holocaust survivor, I used to get angry and upset by such talk. It is still very disturbing to me that some people have so much pain and hatred inside. I really believe that patience, seeking truth with an open mind and heart and time spent in prayer and with the Word should help. And I have come to realize that I am truly 'mungerlized.'  But aside from all that, I wanted to say that maybe the ground was cursed because we, who sinned were made from the ground? 




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