Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds

Just curious if anyone else has experienced this recently. About two years ago I was blind-sided by a strong urge to learn/absorb as much knowledge as possible and if I could put into words, the feeling I experienced...the words would be "get ready NOW!"

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YES - that is exactly what happened to me. Day and night - I was reading everything I could that would relate to the bible!!!
Yes! Though I had always done this anyway....it just all at once almost exactly 2 years ago, became instantly all-consuming!
Misty the same thing happened to me... I was on the wrong path/new age and then one night a major change happen… A very long story! But after that night I've been consumed by the quest to learn more and more about Jesus!
It is interesting, Rock.....and it's great to hear that the spirit bought you upon the true path!

Thanks Misty!  I certainly feel a sense of urgency to learn all I can about Jesus in accelerated rate!  I feel we are very close to his return!

Misty I think that many are experiencing the same thing.  I believe it is part of the outpouring of spirit upon all flesh but that most will ignore this feeling and such insistence without any regard.  Those that hold the kingdom in priority however are and have been listening to such importunity realizing it is the Most High speaking to us to get ready and to prepare self and family for what is on the horizon.  This is why I think people should read Windy's post on gathering together in fellowship and in reaching out together.  Many are being led in similar contemplation as both you and Windy but not many have a forum or place for such outreach and contact with others whom can sense what is coming.

Zen, you're completely correct. Many are waking up but many are sleepwalking in their awakening. Making it easy for.one to get lost. All my life I've understood the spirit speaking to me....but when this particular experience happened, it was like the Most High handed me a ton of information and said "understand it all and get ready!" I will definitely read the post you are talking about! I feel as if i should be helping others with it all, but unsure how. Thank you for having a place where we all can help each other. Much love and respect!

Yes, agree, the Most High, God Almighty is quickening us to get ready, prepare, for time is short, and things will happen quickly. Being completely 100% committed to God, surrendering our will to His, and asking for His Holy Spirit to be ever present within us is so very important. Also standing in the gap, in prayer, and spiritual warfare for the souls who are still in darkness, veiled to the truth...We must pray for our loved ones and all those who are lost. 

Would love to read Windy's post re gathering together in fellowship... but being new to this venue, not sure how to find it ;-) Please direct me if not too much trouble. 

I've been reaching out to Believers in search of fellowship/community where we can be of service. So far, the Lord has not given clear guidance on where He'd like us to move, but I can feel His hand preparing the way. Being awake to the truth of what's really happening, even in part, is a heavy burden to carry without the support of others who are also awake. My son and I will move anywhere the Lord leads. 

Last September I had an Awesome Supernatural Spiritual Experience with Jesus Christ & I received Him as my Lord & Saviour with the message:

'You Never have to figure anything else out again. Arm Yourself with The Sword of The Spirit, build a solid foundation, Follow Me, & Spread The Gospel!

And that's what my main focus has been since. Many Blessings have followed & much chaos removed.

He is Holy.

Happy to see you here Sister!

Thank you Wendy! I'm most excited and blessed to be here! It's very pleasant to have you all to relate to, as I feel somewhat isolated in my beliefs. Happy to have a family in the love of Christ! Thank you...you all make me.feel right at home :) I apologize for the delay in response, my pc decided to croak after 11 years. I look forward to laughing...understanding..conversing...learning...helping...and loving you all. <3

You are a treasure rom the Lord.  We are very few, but powerful!  We need to rely on the Lord of Spirits.  The footsteps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord!  No-one comes to me unless they are drawn by the Father!

Love to you sister!

God bless you Misty! It is such a blessing to have found a community, even if it's "virtual", where we can speak the same language, and support one another as we walk with the Lord in these last days. Praise Yahushua! 

Love to you sister! <3




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