Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds

Just curious if anyone else has experienced this recently. About two years ago I was blind-sided by a strong urge to learn/absorb as much knowledge as possible and if I could put into words, the feeling I experienced...the words would be "get ready NOW!"

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He broke me.  I was given oxycontin after a nasty back surgery.  Like anybody, I became a slave to this drug from hell.  This is where I looked at the Cross, in a RC Church.  I looked up at that Cross and said;  If you are real, if you are able to change me, do it now for I am dying!

He sure came through.  I am a new creation now.  I love Yeshua Hamashiach, and never want to hurt Him by my sin.

Read Romans 8.  It is amazing.

Blessings abound,  George

Praise God! What a blessed testimony! Thanks for sharing George ;-)

Psalms 91 

Oh yes, I know it well Allison.  Truth needs no convincing to the elect, does it?

Bless your heart sister!

  I am glad to see that you have made a commitment,however,you should be very careful about placing any importance on Icons and Idols related to the "church". King James Bible
Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:   Read this,both parts...http://askelm.com/doctrine/d980927.htm

He said the same thing to me 12 years ago when I was baptized.  Amen, Praise Yeshua!

Bless you in Jesus name!

 Interesting...that is the time frame in which I also received strong urgings to get prepared.  I was always a seeker but after 30 years of being on the wrong track following New Age teachings, God made it very clear there was not much time. Called to remembrance, He instructed me to study the Book of Acts and thus a right path was revealed. Without going into detail, the whisper turned into a "download" that came in, fast and furious. I never studied the Bible before and the veil was lifted and suddenly the dots connected.  I can barely speak about the knowledge as there are not adequate words. This could only be from God, simply by asking. The Most High loves us so and I am humbled and honored to be considered to receive the revelations. 

This forum is one of the few places that there is discernment and understanding. I've mentioned to Zen that I don't feel worthy but am clear that this IS the true path.  There seem to be so few of us, thank you for confirming. It is clear from the comments on this post that we are hearing from our Creator and are being called for significant participation in the harvest. Blessings to all as we move forward in Love

 and Truth. 

As I have always told my kids;  You can change the world with Christ as your guide and King!

We are at the final choice of paths.  The enemy is aware of everything we say and all communications.  The urgency is shared by many, but many will ignore the calling.  We are of the Elect, we are to ready others for the Lord.

I have seen such evil spreading.  I have seen such abominations while doing missionary work on the front lines in Burma.  So much that I wish I could just forget, but can't!  " For whatsoever you do unto the least of my brethren, you have done it to Me".

We must worship in Spirit and Truth!  We must act to plant the seeds of righteousness wherever we can as the time is short.



We are very few and we are not going to make a whole lot of friends!  My wife and both females, ages 25, 18 of course take the side of their mother.  This is no surprise.  At least my son 23 has some patience for what I know to be true.

I must remember that they and others want things to be "normal".    HELLO, we sit at the precipice of the greatest time in recorded history.  Things are about to get very rough.  I am not an agitator, but the Holy Spirit seems to take over and I start spewing Scripture both in and out of the NKJ Bible.

Just today, I took a shot at my eldest brother that I love so very much about the Synigogue of Satan.  I am compelled to add what he wrote and my response.  He is 17 years my senior, and one of the finest men I have ever had the blessing to love!  I am 58, the 7th son.  The troublemaker, but I AM NOT ASHAMED OF MY LORD Her you go;    

pope francis and the jesuits, never worship any man but Jesus,

Dearest brother,

I apologise for sending that part to you. Since I already did, I must tell you that I have been watching this demonic situation for a long time. The Jesuit order is in control of all of the secret societies. There is no doubt of this in my belief after a lot of prayer and research. What follows is just a tidbit of what I found.
That's it bro. I know how you must feel, and respect your great faith and works. It is not about the faithful, like you. It's about the megachurches and their histories and alliances. The top 7 huge evangelical churches are corrupt as hell as well, so I am not just bashing the RC Church.
Sorry for upsetting you my dear brother. I really am, but I can back it up. I won't send you any more on the subject, unless you ask me to. Sorry bro, I know this must have upset you immensely but please take a little time to read and view what follows. Like I said, this is the last time I send something like this to you. My respect and love for you has no bounds! Your life proves your faith in Jesus!
I am so excited to see you and Julie. George and I went to Block Island yesterday. On the way home, we found a pod of porpoises ONLY 10 MILES SOUTH OF POINT JUDITH. In all my years at sea, I have never seen anything like this. There are still seals in the bay right now. The world is in great trouble. Every animal, and ecosystem is in deep trouble! I love to see these amazing creations of Jesus. They are so smart and beautiful, so intelligent and gentle. I wish people were more like them! I will show you the video I took. We didn't catch squat, so these guys made our day!
Be blessed in Jesus' Holy Name, 

I have posted just a few tidbits of somethings that absolutely disgusted me, but all of my research, which is extensive, pointed to the fact that the truth is the truth.
THIS IS NOT AIMED AT YOU OR ANY OF THE RIGHTEOUS CATHOLICS THAT I LOVE SO VERY MUCH VINNY! I pray every day for Godly wisdom, increased faith, and love to reign in my life. I pray for every one of us who are the VICTIMS of Satanic lies and abominations. Please try to understand, and know that I seek justice and righteousness, and I know I have been the worst of sinners and that I do not deserve the Grace of Jesus, but it is Jesus' supreme sacrifice that saves us. I hate what is going on in this fallen world, and am forever grateful that God has accepted my devout repentance and forgives. I count on His promises, His Word, His Will, and supreme Love and mercy. Yesterday, I took the Lords name in vain, and am still offering prayers of repentance. I just couldn't believe I blasphemed by saying for Chrisakes!
The Evangelical churches are NOT preparing their flocks for what is coming. The corruption of this world truly is as in the days of Noah. I love you forever Vinny, and thank God for you and our incredible family that you and MA have so incredibly led throughout the years. I know that this is upsetting, but the corruption runs rampant everywhere I look except for the truly faithful, like you!

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On 21 August, 2014 at 7:29 AM, "Vince Morabit" <vincemorabit@comporium.net> wrote:


Your promoting what someone else says or theorizes could be as bad as those alleged to have been the pedifilers. -----

 the pedophile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mOQOR8kupkThis is a bonafied international law suit from a Sovereign Nation. I couldn't believe what other stuff I have found about him and the Order of the Jesuits, formed as assassins, over 500 years ago.

Ever heard of Project Lucifer?; http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?54363-The-Vatican-Na...


Pope Francis, the Jesuits and the Church of England to be Prosecuted for Child Trafficking and Genocide -- The Queen of England Already Found Guilty

If you are not up to speed with the news, please read the following article before proceeding: "Pope Francis Charged inTrafficking Orphans Trial."
In this 30 minute video, Alfred Webre interviews Kevin Annett, a human rights consultant and field secretary for the International Tribunal
into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS).

Kevin Annett is affiliated with the International Common Law Court of Justice. This court is planning to prosecute Pope Francis,
the Jesuits and the Church of England at the end of March 2014 for their role in child trafficking and genocide.

Kevin Annett is at the forefront of a worldwide movement to expose corruption in some of the highest levels of our religious and
political system. One of his main goals is to stop high level officials from committing crimes against humanity.

The Illuminati puppet, Jesuit Pope Francis

He is also working hard to establish common law court systems throughout the world, so that we the people can take leaders of
 church and state to trial.

Related: The Darkest Secrets Of The Vatican;

I have been studying some of Mr. Annett’s work for a few years now and I haven’t found anything that would make me think
that he is working for the New World Order (NWO). He seems like a genuine man who cares a lot about human rights. There aren’t
many people in the world who are as brave as Mr. Annett.

I don’t think this child genocide trial in Brussels is going to put these officials of church and state in prison anytime soon, because
the corrupt system of the NWO still has a lot of power.

However, I do know that this trial will wake more people up to the fact that certain church and state officials have been supporting
child trafficking and genocide for decades.

One of the reasons why the NWO still has a lot of power is because most people are unaware of the NWO’s dark agendas.

If we support Mr. Annett and inform others about what he and many other brave individuals are doing to free humanity, it is just a matter
of time before the leaders of the NWO and their minions are brought to justice.

Related: Do you think you know everything about the Vatican? I bet you don't know THIS.

Kevin Annett: Brussels Child Genocide Trial Will Disestablish Pope Francis, Jesuits, Vatican, and Roman Catholic Church

Related: UK Celebrity Proved to be Part of Satanic Ring - He Made at Least 4...;
Related: Decades of Child Sex Abuse Concealed by Cardinal Francis George;
Related: The Reptilian Roots of Pedophilia;

My heart goes out to you brother. I've been totally black balled by nearly every member of my family: Mom; two brothers; sister; and daughter. My son and I lost our entire family in one fell swoop the day my beloved Dad died (April 9th, 2013), was killed is more accurate, via stealth euthanasia, in the hospital at my families bidding. Too long and painful a story to tell, but it was the work of the enemy in full gear. My Mom has a religious spirit (roman catholic also) which spoke through her the day she signed my Dad's death warrant, with all siblings in support. 

My daughter is lost in deep deception, mind control, and I don't know how to reach her. Her grandparents are knights of malta, jesuit priest on paternal side...they sucked her in and now her memories of childhood and her relationship with me and her brother have been altered, literally. I stand in the gap and pray for her salvation, for God's grace and mercy. 

We are living in such dark times, and so few are willing to see the truth, or ask God to lift the veil. My heart feels so broken, and I cry daily many times...praying "Thy will not mine be done" asking the Lord to use me, teach me, show me how to serve Him better, how to love more, have the mind of Christ. 

I posted a prayer request earlier today, perhaps you wouldn't mind praying with us.

God bless you!

Dear Sister Alison,

I will certainly pray for you.  The gate is narrow indeed an it seems like we were born to suffer, but we are making a difference.  We belong to Yeshua.  This makes us a target, but we can fight back with effectual and fervent prayer!  There are demonic spirits everywhere, and truth only comes from God.

When you pray, ask Jesus to surround you and those afflicted, your home, everything that is dear to you, ask for LINK ANGELS  to surround it all.  There is no way that the enemy can penetrate the protection given with the power of these Angels.

These Knights of Malta are all demonic.  The RC Church authority will pay dearly for their abominations, and the horror they bring as the enemy's minions.  They are rotten to the core!  In the meantime, know that your redemption is near.  We will go home soon sister. 

Please receive my most sincere sympathy for your suffering.

May Yeshua Hamashiach bring you the strength that you need now and in the future.

Be blessed in Jesus' name. 

Thank you dear brother George,

For your words of encouragement! It's been so very painful a journey. My son has been ill and we are alone without any support from family, friends, or fellowship. Have not been able to find a church where the whole truth of God is being preached. Would like to move somewhere to be near fellow Believers and serve in whatever ways God leads. My son is a whiz at computers (on medical leave from Univ Miami comp sci major currently). Praying for God's guidance on this soon. 

Blessings upon you and your family in Jesus' Name 


ps- how do I send a message on this forum to Zen?




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