Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds

Hi Zen and friends. There is a lot of information, news articles and videos about the ancient pagan temple of Baal being erected all over the earth. ( replicas) Cathy at TN posted a video of one in production.
I thought of it as the movie Ghost Busters on steroids. Could the arches be supernatural gateways for the fallen ones in the bottomless pit to be released upon the earth or the horse size flying scorpions from Revelation?

I understand there will be 1000 erected and I believe this may be very relevant to us all.
Thankful for all sealed by the most high and for every day we have a chance to tell and warn others.

Can anyone share some wisdom on this subject?

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Well what I can add is, this anytime a altar is built on this Earth to Satan and his Kingdom of Darkness, it gives legal rights for more demonic entities to be released , enables them to manifest more in this physical realm and cause more chaos. Those arches are also used as location points in which Demons can travel on, like a supernatural railroad that from viewing it from above looks like satanic geometry. Building altars are more than just physical structures they are real and meaningful in the spirit. Thats why you see in the Old Testament God telling them to break down the altars of false gods who claimed they were the Most High God because he knew what effects it would have on his people spiritually. The amount of demonic altars also have a significance because somehow they have calculated how much evil they need to be running at the same time to multiply their wicked results. Just like when someone opens up the same business everywhere to maximize profits, it's the same spiritually speaking. I had just run into a pastor talking about how we should have a place in our house dedicated to meeting and interacting with our Lord Jesus Christ more intimately. I hope this helps ☺




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