Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds

Hi, Zen. Thanks for all your work! I made some Youtube videos on the possibility of a "Gentile Shemitah" that just started, and the Tribulation starts  3 years into it. Here's the Timeline:

It has Christ coming back 77 years from Hitler's death, and also at the end of the next Shemitah Cycle, Elul 29... kind of like how Christ came 77 generations from Adam. Christ takes the place of both Adam and Satan... as the Patriarch of the Jews (Adam), and also the Patriarch of the Gentiles (Satan). Like on this Timeline, see how everything's inverted with the same thing's happening again:

Hitler died right before the end of the WW2 Shemitah, just like Cain died right before the 7 generation curse was up, and also like how the Anti-Christ will get taken out right before the "Trib" Week of 7. Hitler was also born right before a Shemitah ended. Check out this chart that I believe goes towards answering the 666 verse:

I also have 666 meaning, putting 6 before 7, which is "man's corrupted way" (6) before the "divine way" (7). And then, of course, it's all those "anti-christs" making it to the 6, but not through to the 7. And some other stuff too, but the "number of a man" part, I think is basically Hitler's birth.

I've updated the Daniel's 70, 7's Timeline and found it encoded in the 2 years before the Tribulation, that parallel the 2 days of the Feast of Trumpets. It's on Feast Days and stuff. The "End Times" 70, 7's is inverted from the "back in the day" version on bottom. The "decree to restore and rebuild" actually starts at the end, with Revelation 21, where New Jerusalem comes down from the sky. It goes 62 weeks, 7 years, and then a 1 thousand. It's all on Feast Days and stuff, too. It even has a Blood Moon for "Mid-Trib" lining up with where the Gentiles get grafted in at. And that's the Blood Moon on the "Jewish New Year for Trees".  And below you have where Christ appears to Mary as the Gardener, right in the middle of the Unleavened Bread week of 7.

Also, here's all the 7 Feasts from Leviticus 23, as they relate to the Gentile Shemitah. They all get completed twice. Once by Christ and once by the Witnesses. And they invert parallel each other, see:

And here's the 1st Video, thanks to anyone who checks it out. May the Lord bless us all!


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