Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds

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where were you born and where do you live now?
bl26ng 7
How did you hear or learn about FallenAngels.TV?
The flat earth and the dome above the flat earth and I've got a theory that could help to prove it.
I've got a theory that would be nice to here what you think>>> on a magnetic field the larger surface area is where it is at it's weakest, the larger surface area of earths magnetic field is at the equator where hurricane form, I'm thinking the dome, firmament is it earths magnetic field and is some of this waters above the earth's magnetic field getting through the weakest parts and falls to the earth at great speed, when the water hits earths lower layers of earth's atmosphere is the friction turning the water into water vapours creating clouds, if enough water gets through is it what forms a hurricane.
Hurricanes rain 24/7 and still grow in size and I don't believe it is the sun hitting the sea making the particles light enough for the wind to pick them up to add them to the hurricane, reason> the clouds that form would block the sun for most of the day and half of the time the sun is not even around to help the hurricanes to grow, but all the time these hurricanes are losing water through rain so I don't think that the science that explains how hurricanes form accounts for the build up of the hurricane has well as all the water that is loss through the rain that falls 24/7, so I believe the waters above falls through the weaker areas of earths magnetic field and that's what causes hurricanes and typhoons
About Me:
I'm unemployed, fighting a drug problem, but when I fail to fight and I start to fly and my imagination is let lose for it sees more than I, in some cultures drugs are taken to help them see the truth.
I was a Catholic but now I am myself, don't get me wrong I believe in a higher power, just the sort that are experts in manipulation of the mass.
what religion, guiding principle, or idea gives you direction in life and fulfills your purpose in being?
My purpose in life is to try and prevent another mass slaughter by letting people know that there is plans to flooding the earth again. NEW WORLD ORDER said backwards is ORDER WORLD NEW. Why do you think everything is coming to light, things that could cause problems for the elite, it controlled release of information to gather data on how the masses react.
Evolution is a lie, when you go to the Doctors and to find out what could be the problem the ask is there any irritable conditions in the family, they ask this because the DNA deteriorates and once there is a problem that problem is in that family line.
There use to be 100 mile high trees on this flat plane, we are the size of ants are to the trees of today, after all the mining all that is left is mountains, some of these mountains are flat like they have been swan down, the size of the giants that cut them trees down would of been the size of the skies, many sizes of giants were needed working from the biggest right down to the size we are, once there jobs had been done a great flood would come and wipe them out making room for the next smaller generation, all where given the same beliefs as us. Watch this link and count how many had the same story has Jesus Christ because each one represents a civilisation that was once on this flat plain but is no longer with us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbkQjIeJFec&t=372s
do you know that Yahshuah - Jesus Christ is the Son of God?
do I know that Yahshuah - Jesus Christ is the Son of God? Jesus Christ is the sun as well has the son of God https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbkQjIeJFec&t=372s
what do you think life is all about?
Life should be what ever is in us to live but sadly that has been taken from us by making us slaves of the system to mine the wealth in this part of the flat plain.
why do you think hell was created?
We are in hell.
do you believe that group of fallen Angels descended to the earth and mated with the daughters of men?
yes I do
do you believe that the results of that mating resulted in the creation of a race of Giants?
yes I do
who do you think created all the ancient structures spread out all over the planet?
A lot of different sizes of giants starting from the very big to us now.
do you think that Cain was the child of Adam or a child of the devil?
I don't care it doesn't interest me at this point
what do you think the fruit was that Eve ate in paradise?
An i phone, a Apple of course
do you believe in aliens or ancient astronaut? If so, do you believe they are benevolent or evil?
I believe the are intelligent with us being their property to do with what the wish.
do you believe that we are at the end of days?
I do
do you believe we are living on a Flat or Spherical Earth?

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