Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds

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Jamie Kever

Profile Information

where were you born and where do you live now?
I was born in Florida and live in Italy.
How did you hear or learn about FallenAngels.TV?
This question is sort of like asking what was my first memory as a child. I scour the Internet always looking for new information about aliens and the alien agenda and fallen angels. I saw the Dr. Joye Pugh interview and I watched it. It was a YouTube video but it was on the fallenangels site. One thing led to another and here I am.
About Me:
I'm seeking the truth. I'm following what I think is one of the biggest stories of all time. I'm a Journalist and one of these days I'm going to produce a documentary or story that will hopefully reach a demographic that has become complacent in our material world. I'm very inquisitive. I love life and living... and am especially grateful that God created me and chose me for a relationship.
what religion, guiding principle, or idea gives you direction in life and fulfills your purpose in being?
I am a Christian who believes in personal interpretation of the Bible. I was raised Catholic but I'm not Catholic.
do you know that Yahshuah - Jesus Christ is the Son of God?
Yes. Firmly.
what do you think life is all about?
I think life is about communion with God, the birth and the maturation of the spirit.
why do you think hell was created?
Hell is separation from God. For those who will not face the creator or his will, there is a place without Him. That place is hell.
do you believe that group of fallen Angels descended to the earth and mated with the daughters of men?
Just as Genesis says.
do you believe that the results of that mating resulted in the creation of a race of Giants?
Yes. I believe they were referred to as the Nephellim.
who do you think created all the ancient structures spread out all over the planet?
I'm not sure.
do you think that Cain was the child of Adam or a child of the devil?
That is a very interesting question. A question that I never really thought of until I saw the interview with Dr. Pugh on YouTube. Her explanation makes a lot of sense and even brings new meaning to what God says, "Through one man sin entered the world and through one man the world will be saved." I may be screwing up that scripture, but that was the gist of what He said. I'd like to learn more.
what do you think the fruit was that Eve ate in paradise?
I've heard it was a fig of some sort. I'd also heard it was a sexual act with Adam by my Pentecostal Aunt (who is a bit crazy). I know it wasn't an apple. Honestly though, I think it's not referring to a fruit literally but rather speaks figuratively.
do you believe in aliens or ancient astronaut? If so, do you believe they are benevolent or evil?
I think they can be both, much like we have free will to do good or evil. God sent Angels to warn Lot and they took a physical human form. They were doing the will of God. The aliens of current interest in popular culture seem to be Satan and his Army Revelation 12 speaks about, and they clearly are set to lead people away from Christ.
do you believe that we are at the end of days?
I think so, but it's important to remember that even in the days immediately after Jesus's death, people thought we were in the end days. Rather then focus on this being the end, I choose to focus on my relationship with God and my spirituality.
do you read the Bible or any other sacred Scriptures regularly?
Yes, nearly every night.

Hey there FallenAngels.TV!

My name is Jamie Kever and I am passionate about this subject. I've been thinking the past few weeks about starting a blog to chronicle all the information that's out there so others and myself could discuss it.

I've had blogs before. I tend to get bored with them. But a whole social network??? This should be fun:)

I'm a journalist by trade, and my interest in this subject came about while chasing a story. Now I believe I'm on the the biggest story of the century... the second biggest story of all time.

My suggestion is we post the information we come across on the blogs within our profile. Using the forums is somewhat obtuse as comments get lost deep within conversations.

That being said, there is a very active conversation going on right now in the forum. Check it out.

From now on though I'm going to post the content I find or want to share in a blog post.

There is a lot of information. Much of it is misinformation specifically to throw people off.

I'm also going to systematically make my way through the information on the other profiles in this group. There is a lot of good stuff there that I've not seen.

I think it's important to say that we try real hard not to judge one another. Many people may think we are nuts for discussing this stuff. Some people may think I'm a partying junkie. Some may think others in this group are religious fanatics. The Bible says you will be judged with the same measure as you judge others. So unless your eyes are clear of any splinters or logs, please make every effort not to pass judgment.

And finally, I just purchased Dr. Joye Pugh's book Eden. It would be really cool if a few of us could read this book and discuss it as we finish each chapter. PLEASE let me know if you are interested.

That does it for me. Please feel free to correspond about anything. I'm easy to contact... through this site or my email


Take care.

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I got the H1N1 vaccine.

And I'm fine.

I started coming to this site a long time ago. I wasn't the first person for sure, but now it's seen a population increase on par with the book of Genesis. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but still. I'm really concerned with some of the conspiracy theory distractions taking away from the true message that Biblical prophecy will come to pass. Where we stand in that time line is known only by God Himself.

With all that being said, I wonder if anyone is watching… Continue

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Lou Dobbs - NAFTA Superhighway 2/19/08

Posted on February 20, 2008 at 10:21pm

Pentagon report investigated lasers that put voices in your head

A recently unclassified report from the Pentagon from 1998 has revealed an investigation into using laser beams for a few intriguing potential methods of non-lethal torture.

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Mysterious Monument to Lost Love

Like the ancient wonders of Stonehenge or the Great Pyramids of Egypt,
there is an incredible and mysterious creation right here in the United

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At 8:49pm on October 8, 2008, Helena Lehman said…
At 2:10pm on June 22, 2008, Jules said…
Hello, I haven't been on this site in a long time. Looks awesome!
Hope you are well.
At 8:51pm on June 13, 2008, Ken Rich said…

Indie Gospel Artists

Hi Jamie,

I found a place called disclosetv.com which has a very good presentation by Chuck Missler on the "Angel View" of Genesis 6.

I am not completely sold on that view, but he does make very logical and plausible arguments. His presentation is the best I have seen so far. It is at least as credible (perhaps more so) a position, as the lines of Seth view.

It does tie up a lot of "loose ends" and satisfy the demands created by evidence from ancient civilizations, so I am leaning toward that view now.


At 6:19pm on April 13, 2008, Helena Lehman said…
I'm thrilled that you want to read my books, Jamie! Are you planning on reading all four? If so, I offer special deals on autographed four-book sets at my website. My books are also available as downloadable e-books, and PDF books on CD, so you can get the versions that suit you best. God bless, and have a wonderful spring!
At 11:59pm on April 1, 2008, Helena Lehman said…
Thanks for inviting me to join! I feel right at home already. :-)

I will look forward to contributing to discussions when time allows, and will begin actively blogging here soon.
At 1:49pm on February 2, 2008, Glitchy said…
Yes, I plan on getting her book too; whats this about Abraham?
At 8:44pm on February 1, 2008, Glitchy said…
It would seem like aliens or ancient astronauts are part in a
deception. They are among the beings that were cast into the earth for first having relationships with daughters of men.

Do you think these beings today are part of them or one in the same.
At 7:57pm on January 31, 2008, Glitchy said…
Hi friend
A little trouble but, it should be back up soon. )

I have a question; in one of your answers of the questioner,
you wrote that aliens/ancient astronauts can be both evil & good, can you explain a little more?
At 1:33pm on January 7, 2008, FallenAngels.TV said…
Glad you joined the network Jamie. I look forward to much interesting conversations with you. I've been away for a week and am excited about all the new members.

At 12:58am on January 7, 2008, lokesh said…
yes the gadget is thr however you cannot embed this as this is an opensocial gadget not a ning gadget...this u have to add in your profile n if you want to chat u have to go to canvas mode as window provided by ning is very small...let me know if you require more information on that..n yes i m comming up with a lot more intersting features .. cheers Lokesh



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