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I have a question for Zen, but I don't know how to reach him

Shalom brother, Zen 

I was wondering if you, by any chance at Fallen angel tv, take topic suggestions from listeners for future shows. There is a topic from scriptures that I have been interested in; however I have not found much info about it. I would really  like to hear your take on it.

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Comment by Gustavo Vidal on June 9, 2017 at 11:37pm

Hello Brother Zen,

I recently watched a short video from Rob Skiba, in with he talks about the breast plates that the high levitical priest wore. These breast plates had 12 stones with the 12 names of the tribes of Israel, and in the book of Revelation, the New Jerusalem has the same stones as its foundation. I found these really interesting because these might tie in with the 144000, which is a topic that intrigues me a lot. Therefore,  I was wondering if you could or would make a show about this. Or if you know of a video on YouTube of elsewhere about it please let me know. 

Thanks brother Zen for all your work, God bless you. 


Comment by FallenAngels.TV on June 9, 2017 at 6:20pm

Feel free to ask me questions or suggest a particular show topic. I cannot promise that I will actually do a show on whatever topic you are asking about but I will certainly consider it. I do appreciate the fellowship with those of you that are interested in the work that I do. Likewise I thank you for the support and for your willingness to open yourself to the possibilities of those things that I bring forth. I am currently in book mode trying to finish up Paradise the Sides of the North and the Mouth of the Congregation and so I have not been focused on monitoring this website in great detail. I will do so more often after completing this book. Be blessed in your seeking



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