Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds

an explanation to the connection of all world religions

 This is a very breif synopsis of a lifetime of searching and painting 'the big picture', meant for people who have done their studies.


I think most people are too scared to step outside of the box they were raised in, all the manmade systems we are shepherded into from our childhood up. I can recall being in junior high and questioning authority, questioning God, questioning purpose. Nothing made sense, and I rebelled because no one gave me answers. I created my own box, my own life, and logically searched for the truth about life, desiring to find my own beliefs. After struggling for years I had given up on understanding life and how we were created, and thought, maybe the world completely revolves around me. I was selfish, but all I could perceive in life was, me. After a time of selfindulgence, I remember walking outside one day after school. It was like I was sucked up out of my body into space, and I looked down at the earth, realizing how tiny I was. From that point I realized how large this life is, and that it involves much more than just me. I valued other people, and I still do. After years of logical studies on philosophies and history, a large picture started forming. I studied the cultures of all the continents, and compared multiple religious beliefs and theologies and started to see a big picture: a war. This war was in the roots of each culture. Some enemies didn't know they were actually allies, and some allies, were actually enemies. Then some carried the moral values of the forefathers and broke off into their own self-righteous paths. The enemies are pagan/polytheistics against Christian/Muslims/Israelites. The allies are the Christians/Muslims/Jews. Those who broke away are such as the Buddhists. To understand this big picture, you'd have to study the history and roots of each of these religions, and study the development to present day traditions. Enemy mistaken for ally=Christianity was poisoned by the pagans through the roots of the catholic church. Allies mistaken for enemy=Muslims were deceived by their own greed to war with Israel, even though Israel is the true history behind each of these monotheistic religions, which are the only monotheistic religions on earth. Buddhism was formed by a lost man seeking the spirit by following the morals and precepts of the ancient cultures. He searched deep into the moral codes and lived them out, finding his inner spirit, which we all posess, that is our union with the Creator. Polytheism is the worship of alien beings who claim to be our gods. The roots of their dominance in this world start from Sumer, the first civilization in history. The alien presence can be summed up from the monotheistic religions explanation of fallen angels, spiritual beings that fell to the earth for blasphemy against God, created with the purpose of expressing duality to mankind. The spiritual beings were on earth before mankind, and therefore, when man found himself on earth, after generations of temptations and growing further from God, man accepted that the fallen angels (i.e. alien beings) were their creators because they were on earth before man. They had mastered the ways of this world, and therefore deceived mankind into believing the angels were also the creators of this world. Thus is polytheism.         The truth is,

           chronologically:                                                                Creator

                                                                           angels created as servants of God

                                                                           angels blaspheme against the Creator

                                                                           man, commanded not to fornicate with angelic beings while in the flesh (garden)

                                                                           man rebels against the Creator's commandment, cain is born the first carrying wicked blood

                                                                           angels and man are left in a world of duality on earth after God has given his promise of His return and mankind's redemption

                                                                           lots of deception grows, but truth remains strong in some people, prophecies are given based on the Creator's promises

                                                                           the Creator as a man named Yeshua Christos (Jesus Christ) comes to fulfill the promise, defeat death, and promise His return at a specific season (the season of which our generation is living) to claim this world as His ultimate kingdom and erase all evil from existence.

                                                                           man grows together for a long time, sifting out the good souls from the bad

                                                                           the promise of the Creator's embodiment as Christ's return is fulfilled

                                                                           the book of life is opened and man is judged


If you have any questions I'd love discussions on this topic. I just ask to please stay open minded. These are the truths I've found through MY long studies, they are MY hardfound truths. If you have input, I'd love to hear. We should never close our minds from developing. I don't claim perfect knowledge; I only claim, my knowledge.

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