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Ancient Hebrew Enochian Lunar Calendar 2017


Just wanted to remind those of you that are wanting to honor Sabbath according to the determination of chodesh. As laid out in the ancient Enochian Lunar Calendar system, I have finished the conversion and made it available at the following link. For those that do not know what I’m speaking about. In my ninth book The Flat Earth As Key To Decrypt The Book Of Enoch, I cover in extensive detail how mainstream Christianity have been duped into using a substitute calendar so that they can maintain worship of a pagan Sabbath, and holidays.

The calendar that I follow was given to Adam by God when He cast Adam and Eve out from paradise. It is the same calendar system that Adam passed on to Enoch which we now recognize that the book on the courses of the heavenly luminaries. Enoch then passed this information on to his grandson Noah who preserved it on the ark as the book of signs. Noah later gave this to his son Shem, who then taught it to Abraham. It is the same calendar system which was specifically restored to Israel during the Exodus and preserved in the installment of the Torah which they received as law on Mount Sinai on what would be later memorialized as first Pentecost.

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