Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds


Passover represents the core of who we are as Covenant believers knowledgeable of the ancient promise of the redeeming Son’s Coming as dictated to and foreshadowed by Moses 500 years prior

It is our birthright as the sons of God to know Him as King and Lord
Long ago the angel of death on this night looked for the blood of a lamb as a doorpost sign of protection before striking down the firstborn of Egypt both human and animal in same eviscerating moment of annihilation
This action freed YHWH’s people from 400 years of bondage
Sunset close of unleavened bread, the full moon rising to light the Israelites escape from Egypt. Crossing over the Reed Sea on dry ground the Most High cleaving asunder the waves blocking their withdrawal. Pursued by Pharaoh’s Army, YHWH levied in one crushing Tidal condemnation a wave for those chasing, destroying also Satan's plan to establish his children as rulers of the ancient world
A half a millennia later, the light of salvation was born through a virgin mother. Overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, the Son entered flesh of His own accord assuming the perfect body for fulfilling a lifetime of prophecies
Even the sun moon stars and planets interpreted His coming, the Mazzaroth spinning tale of immaculate conception and stomp upon the Dragon’s skull
Mighty wonders followed His works even the criminals believed, recognizing the awesome signs accompanying the three hours of darkness spread across Jerusalem and world. The celestial luminaries shone in brilliance, Behold the Lamb of God who dieth for the sins of the world
Many prophets, scribes, keepers of secrets tracked the Bethlehem star signifying the birth of the lion of Judah who would later return as Melchizedek, priest/king
A monumentous resurrection overthrew the death linked to the serpent’s original temptation. 2000 years earlier the same star was witness during the birth of Abraham the patriarch of the Hebrew people. As Herod was warned that Yahushua would destroy his kingship so was Nimrod told in similariaty apocalyptic warning of Abraham’s coming
2000 years before that this same star shined brightly the first night that Adam and Eve spent alone together as exiles cast from paradise to their new earthly home
Will this prophetic sign also accompany Revelation 12’s the virgin clothed in the sun child within her womb moon beneath her feet and crown of 12 stars? Encoded scripturally thousands of years in advance of this year’s unfolding Feast of Trumpets, will it mark the beginning of the 50th and final Jubilee? 120 x 50 = the 6000 years preceding the millennial reign.
Mission completed expiring on the cross, Yahushua in first coming fulfilled four of the seven Levitical 23 feasts mandated by the Father, prophetically affirming Christ as Son and only Begotten. His second advent will fulfill the other three. My question, when does the antichrist Mahdi come forward in revealing the writer of work? We know that he must come first.
Let him with ears to hear, hear…
Zen Garcia 13th of Nisan, 1/6000

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