Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds

There's one thing that I've been waiting to see. In order for all the end-times prophecies to be legit, Israel has to come to be a huge player in the world political scene. Lately there's been a lot of buzz about the UN holding sanctions against Israel's independence, and they want to split the capitol, Jerusalem, into half Israeli, half Palestinian. This is a touchy subject, seeing as how in Revelation 11 it clearly states that the act of dividing Jerusalem is a sign that the return of Christ is coming soon. Now I'm looking at the news and here are a few headlines,  Russia moves against US with support for Palestinian statehood bid,  Chinese state-run newspaper warns US against Palestinian UN veto. I'll post the links to these articles at the end. What is very disturbing about these headlines is that it also states in Revelation 16 that the Kings of the East will rise up against the Unified world government, which consists of the EU, UN, and USA. They are due to make war within the next seven years at Israel, with the root cause of separating Jerusalem. If you want to know why Jerusalem is so important to all the big countries, you should know, this is the site of the Mount of Olives. Why do people care? If you're interested, google search it! This is the most holy and important place to believers in God. Muslims and Jews and Christians universally believe that God has consciously come in the flesh as a man (Yeshua, translated Jesus) and He will come at the end of days for judgment, arriving first at the Mount of Olives. Interesting!!!!





Russia moves against US with support for Palestinian statehood bid



Chinese state-run newspaper warns US against Palestinian UN veto



Palestinian foreign minister confirms PA will go to UN in quest for statehood



Israel warns of 'harsh' consequences of Palestinian UN bid



Palestinian UN statehood effort "irreversible"



UN leader urges world to unite and act on Syria




If you've been ignoring these things, or if you've never given prophecy the time of day because it seems like nonsense, maybe you should open up your eyes and ears and take the time to study. If God seems illogical to you, tell me what logic you can find without God. If you think that you cannot have faith in anything because time has been corrupted by man, I challenge you to search inside your heart. Even though your heart may be corrupted also, purify yourself through meditation and prayer and fasting and then look at all the Bible's and religious scriptures, and even the scriptures that religions refute, and find the big picture behind it all. Every good lie is based on a little bit of truth. Find that truth, search for that truth. Don't be complacent anymore. There is so much happening in the world that has been foretold, WHY?? Why? Seek those answers. Peace and blessings all my friends!!!

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Comment by Jamie on September 30, 2011 at 4:57pm
Interesting blog post. You make some interesting points. I love when people quote and discuss scriptures in Revelation. If you get a chance check out this book: Return of the Antichrist: And the New World Order by Patrick Heron. If you've got a nook, I can lend it to you. This guy discusses Revelation in a way that baffles me. The scriptures are right there, I've read them a million times, but he seems to extract meaning I never saw. Anyhow... thanks for sharing.



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