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Giants and US Military Confirmation by Marine Undrgrnd. Recon. / Letter From Listener

July 6, 2012

Hello Steve

Thank you for what you do. I have always believed and been fascinated about your reporting on Giants of hold and some of the leaked news of US Marines encountering them in caves in Afghanistan and also I have confirmation of Iraq underground areas as well.

I had chance to sit down with a 1st Lt. from Underground Recon unit who I have known for few months but did not know of his service record/experience until this july 5th. I manage one of his homes and while visting and going over some business he informed me of his service in the military as lieutenant in 1'st marine underground recon company.

After he explained to me what that entailed and some of the things he did in Iraq which were incredible in themselves such as his team was in Saddams Palace that they stumbled upon through network of tunnels that was outside of the city. Saddam was inside and they had confirmation but were told to stand down and return to base. Could of saved thousansds of lives and avoided the war but were told they were to confim WMD's and not take down Saddam. Sad!

Anyhow back to Giants. I stopped him in his telling me about his tours, 8 total between Iraq and Afghan., and said I have a strange questions to ask if I may. He obliged and I straight up asked "Do you know anything about Giants".....

His Eyes lit up and his head dropped. " Wow" he said "did not expect that question, yes but I am not supposet to ever talk about". Then he opened up to me about it.

He first heard tales in his trainng in Okinawa, but soon after shipped out and the tales became first hand experience for him. He told me stories of caves with pictographs, Giants in coffins 8-12 feet tall, jewels, thousands of gold bars and just insane stuff. He told me their orders were always one of two things "we MELT everything down" or we are told to leave and never go back or discuss locations.

His gear always consisited of tracking equipment and live camera feeds for spec ops. commander at base to see what they were doing. Also told me they wore what was called "Spider Armor" which was thin lightweight plates in body suit that covered vital organ parts so they could move quickly and be well protected. He had been shot 2x in the armour which protected him but fractured his sturnum and so on.....

Back to Giants...... I then asked after he went on for about 20 minutes of all the ancient things he saw in Iraq and Afghanistan in the underground ancient cities and caves.
I asked "Do you know anything of a recon squad encountering a "Live" giant.

He said you mean "Giant's " plural. He then basically restated the incident you told on Coast to Coast couple yrs ago when the soldier came on to tell about what he knew and the pillot that flew the Giant body that they did bring down. He said none of the lightweight guns did anything, it was a couple of grenades from rifle launcher that finally took it down but 2 marines were killed or "Torn Apart" as he said. One other Giant escaped.

Standing orders are to only shoot to protect but to avoid them and known areas of previous encounters. Never discuss anything seen or related to.

His recon group was well known from their Tatoos which consisted of the "HAZ MAT" symbol ( a joke on all the underground chemical weapons labortories or storage they found and when the hazardous disposal teams come in after they find they were in suits and would not go as close to the materials as the marines had when discovered so joke is they are all infected with something) also their Tats include symbols from some of the Caves they have found with ancient artifacts. He is going to show me some photos next time we have chance to sit down.

More to it but I just wanted you to know that this is just further confirmation of "Something is Going On and the Times Are Changing"

Please do a Full length show on Coast to Coast SOON. I would like to hear more on the Nevada Red Head giants above Reno near Pyramid Lake that were discovered as well as the Mt Shasta Giants I have heard tells of.
Also any new Updates on the world craziness you follow up on and what we could expect come December as well as end of Summer coming up with possible Iran Invasion.

Thank you Steve and God Bless


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Comment by Kevin Quinn on January 12, 2015 at 11:05pm

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