Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds

I write not to waver religion to you, not to compile the vast burdens
of what we've come to know as a religious life upon your heart. I come
offering only love. My tears are for humanity's lack thereof. How
fearful is it to grow up in complete freedom, enjoying independent
choices, and suddenly fall or be thrown into a life that seems as
servitude, slavery? It burdens me with PAIN IN MY HEART to liken one of
you to this. Rather, I pray you, follow the free will of your heart.
Burden upon it no worldly alteration. Let NOT the temptations misguide
what is truly in your heart. Being as a pure soul, seeking endlessly
that which resteth within the heart, beyond the mortal veil of
deception, YOU WILL FIND LOVE. Once that love is felt, seek to absorb
its knowledge, its boundless streams of wisdom. The truth of that which
we define as love is a fulfillment, one that many seek but few find.
The roots of wisdom begin in understanding oneself. I write to one
soul, who may overlook a deceived perception. When you understand
yourself, meditating to release the amniotic curse of the physical
realm, the pure heart will find inspiration, reason, purpose,
understanding, togetherness, which in all equality amounts to the love
i attempt to express. You shall not find this love, until you release
the bonds of this life and seek with all your heart and soul and mind
that which is beyond the flesh! Search brothers, and wisdom will find
you. She is as a diamond amongst the cobblestone. I tell you in
testimony I had not religion, but the truth that I sought came to me
after much suffering and many tears, after a long life of battling with
self-theology, seeking that which no man can teach, attempting to
understand that which no person can truly express to another. It is not
that I wish to express the blessing of what I have been given, but that
I wish to show you the path there. Look upon the blessings God has
given to His servant. Look into your heart and understand the Divine
One, how His Spirit is us, and we are His Spirit. Overcome ignorance
and complacency, to become the owner of your doings. I seek not to
convict you of what an ancient book speaks as law. I convict you of
what your OWN HEART acquires guilt for. Rid yourself of the impurities,
and find the Maker. It will be revealed to you once you are chosen, and
you shall minister unto all the world. We shall make disciples of all
the nations, and prepare the coming way of our Lord, The Creator who
loves us so much that He placed His own consciousness into a body and
came unto mankind. Praise be unto God, the Creator, Designer of the
Universe. With all praises and blessings, your most humble servant,
Justin James Garcia

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