Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds

The Lunatic Fringe - Firmament: Vaulted Dome of the Earth

Many people when viewing, listening, or reading any of the material that I have put out in connection to the flat earth or its vaulted dome, often remark or leave comment upon my videos or radio programs, questioning as to how these studies have any bearing upon what they consider to be the most important aspect of the work of those in service to the kingdom of God – that being the issue of salvation. It is their opinion that this revelation as topic has little if any bearing upon salvation as issue, and because of that they belittle and begrudge the efforts of those of us that have been looking into and teaching upon it as topic. And so let me explain in elaboration just how this issue is in fact tied to salvation in very profound and meaningful way.

But let me first lay out the groundwork for this discussion. Because so many think the question of what shape the earth possesses to have been scientifically settled hundreds of years ago, the majority hold opinion that any examination of this topic ludicrous and a complete waste of time. What they do not know is that this issue was never settled and has for the last several hundreds of years been a heated topic of contention as discussed in such classic flat earth publications as Zetetic Astronomy by Samuel Rowbotham first published as a 16 page pamphlet in 1849 under the pseudo-name Parallax, 100 Proofs The Earth Is Not A Globe by William Carpenter first published in 1885, and Terra Firma by David Wardlaw Scott originally published in 1901.
And as discussed in these books the real scientific experiments which are repeatable to this day and age, confirm that the earth is not moving at any rate of speed or in any certain velocity and that there is no measurable curvature to the landscape and oceans of the world. What is uniquely interesting about some of these various experiments such as the Michelson Morley, Michelson Morley Gale, Airey’s Failure, and the Sagnac experiments, is that these scientists were helio-centrists and these experiments initially conducted as attempt to detect, measure the rate of speed at which the earth was moving in axial spin. But when they failed to identify any such motion, these experiments all became evidence in support of the Biblical notion that the earth is stationary, fixed, and unmoving. As scientifically verifiable and repeatable evidence these experiments in and of themselves totally destroy allegations that the earth is spinning at 1038 mph at the equator, as it daily spins in annual orbit around the sun. And so no matter what one contends the shape of the earth is, it is most certainly affirmed that it is in no way moving.
And yet because of their educational upbringing most individuals know little of this dispute and for that reason alone are themselves unwilling to research, debate, or speak about these issues in any meaningful way, but only shrug them off as absurdity. They are beyond convinced that it is sheer madness to even doubt the earth is not a ball. And whenever those of us who have looked into this debate, bring it up as topic for introspection we are most often met with fierce ridicule. This too was my immediate reaction when initially responding to or speaking about the flat earth as topic. My mind immediately entertained the thought of why would somebody subject themselves to such lunacy? And even though most have not even spent a single minute in examination of the subject as I had not now a year distant, they are quick to criticize, and condemn with often smug remark those that do, citing it nothing more than mere distraction.
It is the nature of those that believe they already know different and better especially when busy with other aspects of the affairs of life, to not dedicate themselves to pursuit in any objective that they consider a precious waste of their time. And rather than get caught up in such foolishness, they will instead spend that valued time lambasting those of us who do open ourselves to consideration of it as an aspect of truth worthy of introspection.
Admittedly my own knee jerk reaction was to immediately dismiss it without second thought. And though I did not condemn others for examination of it, I was not at all about to dedicate any of my treasured time to looking into it. I thought what person in their right mind would not immediately condemn this subject matter folly? And even though I now know many people that affirm flat earth as truth, I do not know a single person that just immediately jumped on board the flat earth bandwagon with ‘there is absolutely something to this.’ Most of the people I know that have since come to the truth of this matter, were combatively dragged by their hair kicking and screaming to it, as it truly is like pulling teeth to get anybody to open themselves to an unbiased examination of this subject matter. http://www.lulu.com/shop/zen-garcia...
And for those that do not know this is a companion and follow-up to my previous publication The Flat Earth As Key To Decrypt The Book Of Enoch which can be found here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/zen-garcia/the-flat-earth-as-key-to-decryp...
Chapter 1 – And the Primeval Earth Was A Formless Wasteland And Undistinguishable Ruin Chapter 2 – The War In Heaven And Antediluvian Age Chapter 3 – Remember From Whence Thou Art Fallen Chapter 4 – The First Four Days of Creation Chapter 5 – Specifics Occurrences of Each of the First Four Days of Creation Week Chapter 6 – Other Source References Detailing the Creative Process Chapter 7 – The Firmament of Heaven Chapter 8 – The Molten Looking Glass Chapter 9 – The Vaulted Dome Chapter 10 – The Invisible Plasma Shield Chapter 11 – The Windows of Heaven Chapter 12 – The Heavenly Temple And Throne Room Of The Most High God Chapter 13 – The Proper Context of Isaiah 40:22 Chapter 14 – The Ten Heavens Chapter 15 – The Most High Walks Upon The Vault Of Heaven Chapter 16 – The Three Divisions Of Heaven and Earth Chapter 17 – A Sea of Glass Like Unto Crystal Chapter 18 – The Fiery Throne Of Glory Chapter 19 – You Who Sit Enthroned Between The Cherubim Chapter 20 – Flat Earth and Vaulted Dome Bible Codes Chapter 21 – The Tabernacle Of The Sun Chapter 22 – Lunatic Fringe Chapter 23 – The Grand Deception As Matrix Of Illusion Chapter 24 – The Origins Of The Global Conspiracy Chapter 25 – Concluding Requiem

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