Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds

This person seeks God out of a pure heart. She's not motivated by fear of fires or big eyes for a reward, but realizes our whole life is about loving God and loving those around us. How can I not be in love with such a person? I do love her.

2 TIM 2:22 Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

Obedience is naturally doing the things that would make the one you love happy. Not doing them with regrets or what if's or I'd rather do's.. Obedience is the natural heart smiling in love that you can be with that person and make them happy. So we obey God by following a righteous path, and keeping a pure heart.. being faithful in a world that seems hopeless, and charitable in a world full of greed and insecurity, and peaceful in this world of adversity. These are all things that she does naturally. I see her pure-heartedness and rejoice. She's so full of spirit, she glows brightly every time i see her. Somehow God has decided to bless me. After a life of heartache and pains, here I've found Joy. and all the love in her life is being rained on me. Who am I to be so blessed? I'm nothing good, nothing special. Just a little boy full of love, a humble man trying to serve God in a ridiculously lost world. So much heartbreak and bitterness I've encountered on my walk, so much persecution. I am sad for all those I love who deny my Lord. For all who think my pride and self-righteousness has brought upon me the blessings I've received in my life and the awards I've achieved in my career, I am nothing. My God is everything. I feel empty if I'm relied upon, because I can provide nothing. But God can provide all things; God is my strong shield and my Love. I love Joy because she does not depend on me for happiness nor strength, but finds her love in God also. Together we are enhancers to one another, partners in a walk of love for God. When the world fills us with doubts and pains, we are there for one another, filled with the love of God, to catch one another, to remind each other. Just looking in her eyes I become found again, convicted against the ways of the world. I want to be the best person I can be through natural obedience to God, but it takes action also at times. It takes me going against the nature of the world so I can do the Will of God in this life. I am no perfection, I am soiled and beat and bruised, but my God washed me clean through the Love of Christ. I want to walk away from this world and find peace. I want people to be full of natural love and to extend their potential love to others so we can all bring harmony and peace to a lost world. But I know that there are powers in this world, working against love. They seek to destroy all that loves God, and they sit on the highest positions of power in this world. My faith is only in Christ to defeat those powers. And my faith is that only Christ can protect me from those powers. I am filled with inspiration to exercise and love consistently, but all of what I am is fragile. God is neverchanging and allpowerful, He is my strength and salvation. I am nothing without God. and together with Joy, I want our Lord. I want His return. The people here suffer, and we need you Lord! Please be with us in our hearts, strengthen us and work miracles in our lives for confirmation of the Spirit and grace unto your people. God we love you and praise you so much. In tears we humble our weak bodies before you and ask your strength to fill us up so we can walk another day upon this world. Without you we know our lives are lost. But by You, our salvation is nigh. To you Lord Yeshua Jesus Christ we pray.

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