Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds

why are we blasphemying in our churches. vatican celebrating easter?

why does the vatican so strongly influence the Christians. why was our beloved religion taken over by Catholicism and ''ex''-catholics removing to their 'own sect' of Christianity. separating our beloved people of Christ. WHY? didn't the Apostle Paul say it wisely enough that we are all ONE in Christ!? Why are we letting them separate our church? Love one another!

but most importantly in this time, WHY ARE WE CELEBRATING EASTER!?!!?!??!?!?


I offer no ultimatum, only do I tell you now you will NOT find easter in the Bible. Now is a time to remember Passover. To remember God's chosen people's deliverance from the hands of egypt; how the angel of death bypassed all those whom had their faith in the words of the Divine, and that every young boy residing in a home with a faithful family was spared; and how every boy in a family against the Heavenly Father was given death.

So why easter?
Can't you do 5 minutes of simple research on your celebrations and realize it's pagan routes?

stop bringing paganism into Father Yahweh's church. God gives us eyes to see and ears to hear, and a mind to understand. with positive intentions you can learn a lot, and see that this is blasphemy.

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Comment by Barbie Cunningham on October 12, 2012 at 2:22pm

Hi I have done research on this subject .. If you realize that the Hebrew Calender was in place at the time of the crucifiction passover is actually the 14th of Nisan and resurrection day then would be the 17th of Nisan. I really don't understand why christians have not looked into this as a pagan holiday and is a ritual for the pagan fertility god. my husband and I used to think that the resurrection was on a monday as well until I got into the information on the feast days. Apparently passover in the gregorian calender was a friday this year 2012 3 days later is a monday. Seems you have only had 1 comment since you posted this so it goes to show you who is actually watching and seeking truth about this May you be blessed

Comment by CraveBloodofSnakes on April 16, 2009 at 6:33pm
yes that is it, right on Brother. passover, + 3 days. would be monday mornin. this years.

but many millions were killed that we could run on a calander, of Man. the beast seeks to change time.and make us look at earth, and taxes and Gov. instead of the heavens, the day we walk in. and God. the hebrew calander, runs by the New moon, its the new month. and in that, we can see what God has done, on the days back to Him making the world. we(the Men i hang with) have a new moon bonfire, every new moon. it, lead us to stand up. in the streets. and now the Spirit, is with us.any time a flood comes. even some times he comes, just when we walk into each other.
at one Bonfire 2 years ago, we asked our Father, what shall we do, tell us and we will do it. at this time i can tell you, we know nothing of what, but stood where He lead. us.and the haters of God came. and we doing what He told us to do. got rid of the gay pride in our city.but now we see, that many God hates set in our seats. we seek Him now for what to do. its about walking with the Spirit.
and who can stand. then.



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