Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds

Why Study of the Biblical Geocentric Earth and Its Vaulted Dome, Are So Important

The Firmament: Vaulted Dome of the Earth

Small Portion of Chapter 25 - Concluding Requiem
The reason that study of the Biblical Geocentric Earth and its vaulted dome, are so important as the truth is that these revelations have the ability to quickly and thoroughly disintegrate the hypocrisy, treachery, and trickery which accompanies the brainwashing and acceptance of the Darwinian heliocentric worldview. They can in one shining moment destroy the programming that the principalities have so carefully embedded into the minds of all those enslaved to its ideology. The Bible as knowledge has the power to arm one with the sword of liberation, freeing one from its subjugation. The gospel truly does have the authority to set the captives free, should the captives want to be free.
Sadly most are not even aware of their confinement and as such incapable of making sense of the signs and hints left behind by those of us, which having gone forth to learn these secrets, and returning to share them discovered most care nothing for the answer to such secretive riddle. Uninterested, few are capable of discerning as paradigm or possibility that Oz may have perhaps duped them from behind the mask of new world order. As such most are unwilling or even concerned with following in the wake these discoveries.
This secrecy is also why so many are not yet aware that there are forces which they do not yet understand which are and have been for thousands of years aligned against most of humanity in perpetuating scientism as world paradigm and false religion.
I will be the first to admit that it seems implausible that the Darwinian heliocentric worldview as a lie, could ever have been formulated, instigated, and perpetuated over centuries of time by a group of shadowy elite united in singular objective to introduce the world to Lucifer, the being they worship as a god. Their purpose for unifying world in ‘global’ order, religion, economy, education, and governing body through the United Nations is to establish this matrix of control only so they can then hand it over to the oversight of an anti-christ alien god. Most certainly such belief seems fanciful and the kind of stuff for which one would find oneself injected with drugs and thrown into a padded cell and yet, believe it or not, this is what the elite themselves confess and openly boast to the world as being the goal of their endeavors.
Yes, it sounds totally nuts. Yet because of the lateness of the hour and their prideful arrogance, they are no longer concerned with even hiding such enterprise and trust humanity incapable of stopping them; which is also why they openly brag about such goals while ridiculing us in the process. Their open discontent for the people of the world is in my opinion also why they fly as an emblem on the banner of the organization which to them represents the seat of world government, the United Nations, the depiction of the earth in real orientation.
The United Nations flag represents to them their accomplished annexation of the world. Just as an enemy would hoist its own flag over a conquered country, territory, or government in symbolizing such takeover, so does flying this flag in front of the United Nations daily represent as gesture to those in the know that the Freemasonic secret societies have allegorically achieved the directives of Pike’s vision of fomenting three massive wars as means to unite world in ‘global’ order.
Flying a flag of conquest which depicts the earth in actual orientation over the United Nations as the seat of world government, is an expression which smugly signifies that not only do they dominate the world but as a colossal inside joke they know humanity’s embrace of heliocentricism sheer absurdity. Displaying such flag is not only prideful assertion of their ‘global’ superiority but simultaneously them laughing hysterically at the magnitude of humanity’s stupidity in buying into their matrix of deceit especially when it so obviously contradicts in every moment what our own eyes tell us of truth.
The Darwinian heliocentric worldview has led more people astray and away from the study of the gospel than any other form of ideology, thus, why the flat earth as an emblem is displayed so prominently on the UN flag and also why this research imperative for assisting those in this generation to awakening. More importantly than coming to know the earth is a flat circular plane encased within and covered over by a vaulted dome, is a revelation that the Father and Son sit upon the mean height of its protective canopy, watching, guiding, and overseeing the overall fate and destiny of the entirety of creation.
And that rather than all things being random and perchance in happening that we are together as the world being directed towards what will be in finality a challenging and scary conclusion for the wicked, but for the righteous a truly beautiful and perfectly prophetic end. Rather than the endgame being world unification and open enslavement under a communistic, atheistic police state tyranny overseen by alien gods, that we have reached the point in world history where the only begotten Son of the Creator, Yahushua Savior Messiah returns for harvest to set all things straight. He will forever end the dream of this duplicitous dual nature reality. All those who have been involved in and responsible for the propagation, perpetuation of evil, both angels, and humanity, will altogether be judged according to their disposition, and finally, all will be held accountable for the lives that they/we led while embodied here within the trials of life.

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